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Skip the Phone and Order Online

You can now order a cab online! Order for yourself, customers, guests, or employees in 3 easy steps on your desktop or tablet without adding a credit card to your account. Skip the phone call and order online today!

3 Easy Ways To Order Online

Schedule a Ride

Whether you’re on iPhone, Android or desktop, you can use the YC On Demand app to schedule a ride.

Get Picked Up

Get picked up by the best. Our reliable drivers will get you where you need to go.

Pay As You Please

When the ride ends, you can pay through the app or with a card or cash. Easy as that.

Taxi Butler:

Booking a taxi has never been so fast!

This is a must have for all restaurant or bar owners and hotel or company receptions. If you order a lot of taxis, this will make your life a lot easier.

Book a taxi for your customers with just the press of a button. The Taxi Butler gives you live updates on drivers’ details and arrival times. Book as many as ten vehicles at once. All this with no cost to you.

Want your Taxi Butler? Email us for more info.

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